Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd

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Company overview

Transformers & Rectifiers provide world-class engineering solutions and one of the widest ranges of products available in the world. Our in-house team can cater for just about any power transformer and power rectifier application.

National railways and metro systems are a big part of our business. Transformers & Rectifiers have been working in conjunction with Network Rail and MTR in Hong Kong to supply power to the rail industry for the past 20+ years. This includes above line rail networks and international underground railway systems where we incorporate dry type and cast resin transformers.

We are the only manufacturer in the UK that designs and manufactures traction transformer rectifiers and auxiliary transformers under one roof. As such, we are an approved manufacturer to Network Rail, London Underground, and Transport for London (TfL) and we are the only approved supplier to the UK railway industry for the 25kV single phase signalling transformers combined with the low voltage stabilisers.

We own the intellectual property rights to the ‘Brentford’ linear voltage regulator design and are accredited to ISO 9001.