Universal Signalling Ltd


Signalling. Simplified.

Universal Signalling is developing the next generation of digital signalling. We are a disruptive start-up, new to the Railway Industry in 2022 but with technology under development since 2018.

Our lab-demonstrated Universal Interlocking system is made of low-cost COTS components, which form modular, extensible and pre-assured building blocks containing all the rules of the route. Our digital signalling solution is robust, resilient and flexible, but most importantly it is rapid and low-cost to deploy.

Our architecture shortcuts years – sometimes decades – of costly design, installation, testing and assurance activity. This means that as soon as the track is laid, trains can run and people can be kept safe.

We are working towards our first two full-scale demonstrators at two UK test tracks, targeting light and heavy rail, with demonstration days to take place in 2024. If you would like to see how we have achieved these things – follow this page, or register for a demo day spot on our website.



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