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Company overview

At Vivacity Rail Consulting we help you unlock the value of your operational and commercial data through integration, structuring and visualisation.

Your data may be trapped in silos or locked up in old, incompatible systems. There may be vast volumes of new data being generated but no good way to use it. You want to put it all to work. On top of these problems, there is growing pressure to manage the railway system as a whole to improve safety, capacity and service quality.

This means integrating data and processes in new ways. We bring our long experience to bear on these problems. We will do this using new IT: Big-data tools to manage very large volumes of data, such as from on-train sensors. Data analytics to derive meaning from this data. End-user business intelligence to enable managers and analysts to use the data. Visualisation techniques to support the use of our most acute sense in understanding data. Enterprise integration architecture techniques to integrate modern data with that from existing old, inflexible systems to support new business processes. Web ontologies to assist reasoning and decision-making with data from different sources.


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