Water-Trak Limited

Company overview

Water-Trak is an innovative solution to the rail industry problem of low adhesion, sometimes referred to as “leaves on the line”.

By delivering a small amount of water to the rails in front of the train in low adhesion conditions, Water-Trak creates a step change improvement in adhesion, providing consistent and predictable braking.

What this means for train drivers:

  • Reduced stopping distances.
  • Consistent braking.
  • Confidence the train will slow as needed.

What this means for train operating companies:

  • Fewer Autumn delays.
  • Less service disruption from railhead treatment trains.
  • Fewer Autumn safety incidents.

What this means for Network Rail:

  • Reduces the need for special railhead treatment trains.
  • Reduces costs related to operational disruption.
  • Reduces impact on rail infrastructure.

What this means for the travelling public

  • Trains run on time.

Water-Trak cuts stopping distance by up to 40%

Autumn testing in 2021 and 2022 demonstrates the benefits of Water-Track.