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Company overview

Window Seater enables people to connect to the world outside their train window. It is an app for mindful travel and compelling, high quality audio storytelling.

As recently reviewed on BBC Radio 4, the Window Seater app is now live and available to try on 11 lines in the West Country.


Transport operator?

Improve your customer experience. Get on the app and tell the stories of your lines and places.

Window Seater connects travellers to the world outside their window. Providing high quality geolocated stories which link all the fascinating features along a travellers’ route.

We’ve successfully tested Window Seater on some of the most popular tourist lines in Thailand, and in 2020 we were selected to take part in Transport for Wales’ innovation accelerator programme.

User testing shows Window Seater can enhance customer experience and engagement, customer acquisition, partnerships and partnership marketing.

Our story

We are travellers who met in Burma (Myanmar), when Pete was working on an early version of Window Seater: an ethos and an idea for an app that he had first dreamed up travelling by train in France, desperate to know about the landscape flashing by.

Meanwhile Rich was learning Burmese and telling digital stories in Yangon and Marcus was building Go-Myanmar.com, the country’s most popular travel and bookings website.

When we met, we talked stories, and got excited about the potential of audio for travel storytelling, and of podcasting for understanding world culture. Together we pooled our excitement and experiences to launch Window Seater, a home for mindful travel and compelling, high quality audio storytelling.

In 2020 we were selected by Transport for Wales to take part in their Innovation Lab programme and in 2021 was awarded funding by the Department for Transport and Innovate UK through their ‘First of a Kind’ innovation competition, partnering with Community Rail Network to draw on local stories from communities around the UK.

Window Seater will soon deliver its first guides for UK Train Operating Companies, starting with South Western Railway and LNER.

It’s a bit of a wild ride – we’ve got plans to grow a network of stories and storytellers across the world and do all kind of other crazy things that lead to more engaging and eye-opening travel experiences.

This website and the Window Seater app are just the start. We hope that you will join us!


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