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Company overview

Withers & Rogers is one of Europe’s largest dedicated intellectual property law firms, with offices across the UK, namely London, Bristol, Warwick and Sheffield, as well as Paris and Munich. Today, our clients include many renowned, innovative organisations from across Europe, North America and Asia.

Our dedicated Rail group draws from the enthusiasm and expertise of our wider group of attorneys, including engineering materials, fluid dynamics, automotive, electronics, software and machine learning specialists, who all have an insight into how these technologies can be employed effectively in the rail sector.

We work with a wide range of Rail Industry organisations from a global provider of rail equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services down to technology start-ups dealing with Artificial Intelligence engine management systems for hydrogen power units.

We have four specialist practice groups including Advanced Engineering; Electronics, Computing & Physics; Life Sciences & Chemistry and Trade Marks. Client strategy and commercial objectives form the core of our advice – we do not just focus on the technical side. We strive to demonstrate how intellectual property can be utilised in the fulfilment of business goals.

We are market leaders in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications and in oral proceedings (hearings) in both opposition and appeal procedures at the European Patent Office. We act extensively before the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, the French and German Patent & Trade Mark Offices, and the European Patent Office. We also have experience advising clients on implementing working strategies to maximise commercial gain from inventions, while keeping costs to a minimum.

With attorneys fluent in most of the official European languages (English, French and German), we are ideally positioned to work with, and regularly visit, different sites across Europe.



Registered designs and unregistered design rights can protect a huge range of products, ranging from the aesthetic to the functional. Our Designs group has a wealth of expertise across many industries such as product design and engineering. We believe designs are more than just supplemental to patents and trade marks; used properly they can be the backbone of your IP strategy and a valuable asset to your company.

We believe that understanding our client’s design is key to providing the best and broadest protection. We will not simply act as an intermediary between you and the registration authorities. Instead, we will work with you to identify the key features of your design, and tailor your registered design applications to ensure that it is those important features that are protected.

If you are concerned about third party registered designs and design rights we can also provide you with freedom to operate searches and analysis.

Due Diligence

IP is often a key factor in commercial transactions, such as a merger or acquisition. If neglected it can be a deal breaker. Our attorneys work with commercial advisers to provide critical IP advice in major business transactions.

IP Audits  

An IP Audit is a detailed review of the IP assets of a business, any related agreements and/or policies and a systematic review of the IP owned or used by a business to assess and manage risk, mitigate challenges and implement best practices. Under a UK Government scheme available to support UK businesses in obtaining IP audits, Withers & Rogers is able to provide IP audits.


Specialists in representing clients in litigation concerning IP rights before UK and German courts, opposition and appeal proceedings before the European, German and/or the UK Patent Office and all proceedings before the EUIPO regarding community trade marks and designs. Our lawyers also support in drafting and negotiation of contracts for industrial property rights and represent clients at the new Unified Patent Court and in associated proceedings.


As one of Europe’s leading patent firms, we offer a complete and unrivalled service in all aspects of patent protection. From preparing and filing patent applications to litigation advice and support and everything in between, we are here to help throughout every step of the way.

In addition, we also advise on relevant government grants and schemes, such as Patent Box, that may help ease the costs involved with patenting an innovation.

Patent Box Services

Patent Box is a UK Government scheme to reduce the Corporation Tax paid by companies on profits generated from the sale of patented products and from the use of patented processes and machinery. We can help review the potential for patentable matter within an organisation via an IP Audit and Assessment.

Trade Marks 

Our Trade Mark group is a highly experienced team which ranks consistently amongst the top ten UK firms for both UK and European trade mark filings. We provide specialist advice and support to brand owners operating in a variety of industry sectors across the globe.

Our team is privileged to represent many large multinational companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups.

One of our key strengths is our understanding of business strategy. Members of our team have previously worked as in-house counsel and are well placed to provide appropriate, commercial advice.

Translation Support  

We regularly use the services of a group of highly trusted and professional translators on behalf of our clients. Each has significant experience in the specific skill of translating patents and patent-related text. This guarantees high quality results and protects the integrity of the patent during translation.