Zebraware Limited

Company overview

Creators of Lineardraft™ – BIM Overhead Line Design Software for rail electrification.

Zebraware’s vision is to revolutionise the rail industry by building and implementing software that empowers expert engineers. Our solutions do not replace designers and engineers, but enable them to be more adaptable, efficient, and focus on the critical – not the simple.

You might be familiar with some of our largest customers and partners: SNCF, Network Rail, Systra, WSP, HS2, and Arup.

Our overhead line catenary design software ‘Lineardraft’ is being used all over the world to deliver rail projects, cheaper, faster and with less waste.


Automated. Assured. Trusted. Lineardraft is a revolutionary piece of design software, empowering expert engineers to work smarter, not harder.

The core principle of Lineardraft is simple: use intuitive design tools and automation to significantly reduce cost and increase capacity, all whilst maintaining capability and assurance.

3D BIM design software for rail electrification, unlike any other.

Revolutionise your workflow. Reduce costs. Here’s how…

Parametric Design – Switch between 2D & 3D on-the-fly. Speed up your workflow, reduce work effort, and eliminate error.

Data-rich Assets – Lineardraft automatically creates and updates asset data with every click. Collaborate across teams with ease.

Automated Change – Powerful automation tools allow you make complex changes in seconds, freeing engineers to focus on what’s critical.

MicroStation & AutoCAD – Enjoy the freedom of pickingyour own CAD platform whilst still retaining 100% compliant and compatible designs.

Any Design Range – It’s not enough to have the tools, you need the materials to build with. That’s where our 3D BIM design catalogues come in.

Customise Outputs – Generate layout drawings, BOM, BOQ, and rich reports. Use configurable project settings to completely customise your outputs!

Lineardraft is fast becoming the industry standard for designing electrified rail worldwide.

To find out more, visit the Lineardraft website.

Our vision

It is our belief people and businesses shouldn’t be measured by the profits they earn. We all have a responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable future.

We have an affection for the rail industry. Electrified rail infrastructure in particular is the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable form of transport on the planet. It is heavily in need of investment and a little TLC.

Our history

Zebraware was founded by Jon and Pete in 2017. Having worked in the rail industry for years, they realised there was a better and more efficient way to design electrified rail systems. So they created Lineardraft.

Zebraware has since grown around this vision to revolutionise the rail industry by building and implementing software that empowers expert engineers to design, commission, and maintain a sustainable transport network for the future.

It’s important to note that we’re an independent company – we have no industry backers or investors, which means we have no ties to any specific CAD platforms or OLE/OCS design ranges.

That means any rail project, regardless of your CAD standard or design range, could potentially utilise Lineardraft.