Zircon Software

Zircon Software is a specialist provider of technical software solutions.
Their team of UK-based software engineers provide high integrity and reliable systems based on Embedded, Desktop, and Machine Learning platforms. From conception through to implementation, they work with clients to achieve project goals. Over the past 20 years the company has helped organisations with initial feasibility studies and requirements generation, through to systems development, legacy system support and third-party verification and validation.

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Zebraware Limited

Lineardraft, by Zebraware, is Overhead Line Electrification design software, which is fast becoming the industry standard for designing electrified rail.

The core principle of Lineardraft is simple: use intuitive design tools and automation to significantly reduce cost and increase capacity, all whilst maintaining capability and assurance.

Zebraware’s vision is to revolutionise the rail industry by building and implementing software that empowers expert engineers to design, commission, and maintain a sustainable transport network for the future.

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Zetica Ltd

Zetica is the UK’s leader in engineering and environmental geophysics, with an enviable reputation for objective advice, novel problem solving, consistently high-quality surveys and easy-to-understand reporting.

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Zonegreen specialise in modern rail depot protection and are regarded as the world market leaders with the SMART Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS).

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